Taking A Break

Due to a few personal reasons, I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for the time being.  Thank you to everyone who has read/commented on my posts, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I hope to be back some time in 2018.



Sparkling Goodies From TreatBox

November’s TreatBox arrived a week ago, and as usual, it was absolutely amazing!

It was packed with gorgeousness, and it was even themed around one of my favourite things!  Stars!

This is what I received in my little box of happy 🙂

How awesome are November’s treats?!  The scarf is so pretty, and I love little bookmark!  Loving the inclusion of the sparklers too!  Perfect for bonfire night 🙂

I’ll start with the scarf.  As mentioned before, I’m not really a fan of fashion scarves, but I love this one!  The colour and design are so me!  Even my cat approves, as he decided to claim it whilst I was trying to take photos lol!  He climbed in the box, sat on the scarf, and stubbornly refused to budge.  After a few grumbles, he gave in and moved though 🙂  He obviously has good taste haha!


Next is the pack of sparklers.  I love the way these were packaged! ‘Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle’ is one of my fave quotes, and perfect for a pack of sparklers!  Might save these for nearer Christmas 🙂


Also in the box was an art therapy book.  There were 2 different books sent out, and amazingly, I received the one I preferred!  Yay!  This is a lovely little size, and perfect for those cosy winter evenings by the fire 🙂  Great choice TreatBox team!  Love it! 😀


Next up is a gorgeous little bookmark, and a limited edition pot of Vaseline lip balm.  I’m loving the bookmark, but I must admit, I’m really not a fan of Vaseline.  It usually tastes/smells absolutely vile, but this one actually isn’t too bad!  It’s quite sweet, and it smells quite pleasant too.  This pot may have converted me lol


The final items in the box were the monthly print and planner card, a little wallet sized card, and a pocket mirror.  I’m loving the print, but I have to admit, I’m getting so many pocket mirrors that I could open up my own shop lol.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, but I have so many that I just don’t use them all.  I may have to start popping them into my happy mail parcels lol

Verdict:     Another fab box from the always awesome TreatBox team!  The sparkly theme is amazing, and I just love the pretty scarf!  Blue and stars all in one box?  It’s like it was made just for me!  And all this prettiness for just £12!  Amazing value, and so so worth it 🙂  I really can’t wait for the Christmas goodies now 😀  So excited!!!

Dansk Deluxe Hyggebox – October 2017

October’s Hyggebox arrived a week or so ago, and it was an extra special box designed to celebrate Hyggebox’s 1st birthday!  I honestly thought Hyggebox had been around a lot longer than a year, but apparently not!

I always have a little sneaky peek at the accompanying letter before I open the packaging, and as soon as I saw the words hot chocolate, I knew this would be an awesome box!  This is what I received in my October box of awesome! 😀

Omg this box is incredible!  I’m not a huge tea/coffee drinker, but I LOVE hot chocolate!  With the exception of the cinnamon, this box is absolutely perfect for me!!

I’ll start with the varying forms of hot chocolate goodness!  I received some Choc+ milk chocolate buttons, some Montezumas dark chocolate buttons, a white HotChocSpoon, and 2 sachets of  fairtrade instant hot chocolate.  I can’t wait to try all of these!  This supply should last me a while, and the hot chocolate spoon looks amazing!  Awesome choices guys!  Looking forward to sharing these with the family 🙂  (I didn’t actually find the sachets till after I’d taken all my photos…. they were stuck to the inside of the box, so it was a nice surprise to find more chocolate loveliness when I emptied it lol)

Next is pretty little mug and stencil.  My kitchen is overrun with mugs, so I probably won’t keep this to be honest.  Will make a lovely gift though 🙂  I’ll keep the stencil though, as they come in handy for cake decorating etc 🙂


Also in the box was a yummy mini parkin from Lottie Shaw’s, and some chocolate chip and ginger biscuits from Botham’s Biscuits.  I can’t wait to tuck into these!  I love ginger, and these will go down a treat when I get my tastebuds back. (I’m just getting over a cold, hence the late review!)  Can’t wait to scoff these!! 😀

Next are the hot chocolate toppings.  Some cinnamon powder and a flake.  Unfortunately, I hate cinnamon!  I’ve already found a home for it though, so it’s all good 🙂  The flake on the other hand, I love!  Can’t decide whether to crumble it over a hot choc as per the instructions, or just eat it lol  (I’ve already had to stash it away from the Hubby, haha!)


The final items in the box were the monthly candle, and a chocolate flavoured lip balm from The Glasgow Soap Company 🙂  I’ve just realised I’ve managed to miss this off my photos, oops!  It’s smells gorgeous, and is a lovely size for popping in your bag.  The glass candle holder is lovely too 🙂   (I’ve added a pic from Etsy)

Verdict:   A beautiful box of goodies, perfect for the cosy months of the year!  With the exception of the cinnamon, I love everything!  It’s a perfect pick me up box, and I love that the hot chocolates are all different!  I really can’t wait to tuck into these goodies, and I love that I can share this box with the family 🙂  £35 well spent 🙂



World Of Wizardry Geek Gear Box October 2017

My latest Geek Gear delivery arrived this week, and omg was it a good one!  These boxes just keep getting better and better every month! 😀

October’s hints were ‘The Knight Bus‘, and ‘Severus Snape‘, and there was even an exclusive House goodie for every subscriber!  Exclusive Gryffindor goodies??  Yes please!!  This is what I received in my latest box 🙂

How awesome are October’s treats?!  I love the pin, and the little Nimbus 2000 is adorable!  (I need a Firebolt to go with this now 😉 )

I’ll start with this month’s t-shirt.  The Knight Bus.  Now I’ll be honest, when I saw that The Knight Bus was one of the hints this month, I was expecting a little model, not a t-shirt.  I love this design though, and I’ve already worn it lol.  Great choice of colours, and cute illustration.  I think this is one of my fave Geek Gear tops so far! 🙂


Next is the cute little broomstick.  How cool is this?!  It’s hand painted pvc, and is just 14cm in length.  I just love it!  It’s so small and cute, and definitely one of the best World Of Wizardry goodies so far!  More of these cuties please! 😀


Also in the box was an exclusive House pin, and a pair of exclusive festival bracelets.  I absolutely love the pin!  I was lucky enough to receive one of the limited edition gold edged ones too 😀  This is going straight onto my Potter pin board.  Loving the bracelets too, and might save these for my next Guide camp 🙂


Next is a really cool Hogwarts canvas (another exclusive product).  I love Potter homewares, and this is perfect for our Gryffindor common room.  It’s a nice size, and I love that the background has the Gryffindor logo alongside the Hogwarts logo.  There is one slight imperfection in this though.  For some reason Hufflepuff is written in a different language.  Bit random, but it’s not overly noticeable 🙂  Still a lovely product 🙂


The final goodies this month were the monthly print, and a signed limited edition print of Snape.  I’m not a Slytherin, but I love this print!  It’s by the same artist (Paul Tonner) who designed the Luna Lovegood print in August’s box, and I’m really hoping we’ll get more of these to create a Potter alphabet!  Would be so cool!
The monthly print on the other hand, I’m not overly keen on.  It’s alright, but I may donate this to one of my Potterhead buddies 🙂  My house is overflowing with prints anyway lol


Verdict:    Another fab box, packed to the rafters with magical treats!  The little broomstick is so cute and detailed, and I just love my golden Gryffindor pin!  This is one of my favourite editions to date, and I’m so so excited for next month’s Christmas edition!  Last year’s was amazing, so I have very high hopes for this year’s!  I’ve also got the limited edition Christmas box on the way too, so I’ve got a double Potter unboxing to do in November!  Bring it on 😀

You can still subscribe to receive November’s box here, but be quick!  The Christmas one sold out mega fast last year!  Good luck! 😀

Pink Parcel October 2017

I’ve really been dreading writing this review, as I really don’t like giving bad reviews.  Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving my Pink Parcel goodies every month, but this month’s edition is truly terrible 😦  The worst yet in my opinion 😦

I can understand the whole pink vibe as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I’m really disappointed that the #PPSquad have practically filled the entire box with make up.  I can put up with one item from time to time, but please don’t ruin Pink Parcel by turning it into a make up box!  You’ll lose a hell of a lot of loyal subscribers if you do 😦

Here’s what I received in my box.

This looks more like the contents of a Glossybox or a Birchbox.  And yet again, there’s hardly anything I can keep 😦  Not much of a pick me up this month sadly 😥
And if I’m honest, I don’t really know where to start as I haven’t really anything positive to say about this month’s selection :/

I guess I’ll start with the only item that I’ll be keeping.  The Urban Veda facial polish.  There were several different versions sent out, and the only saving grace for this month’s box is that I received the scent I would have chosen.  This is a natural plant based product, and the perfect size to pop into your wash bag.  I look forward to giving this a go 🙂       (RRP £13.99 for 125ml)


Next is a pink face brush from Blank Canvas.  Apparently this has antibacterial bristles and can be used wet or dry.  This, along with all the other make up, has been rehomed by my Mum.     (RRP £14.81)


Also in the box was an MUA blush, a Cougar eyeshadow, and a Trifle Cosmetics lip stick.  I don’t really have anything to say about these.  Just that I received the pug edition of the lipstick and a beige eyeshadow.     (RRP £3 for blush,   RRP £12.99 for full palette,    RRP £15 for lip stick)

The final items in the box were the monthly edibles.  This month featured a mylk and pink Himalayan salt chocolate bar from Raw Halo, and some raspberry and pomegranate green tea from T+.  I’m not really a fan of raw chocolate to be honest.  I’d rather eat some proper full fat stuff lol!  I’ll give this a try though, and even though I don’t like green tea, I may try the tea aswell, as the flavour sounds lovely 🙂
(RRP £2.79 for 35g chocolate,   RRP £3.69 for 15 teabags)


Also included in this month’s box was a little breast cancer awareness information booklet.


Verdict:    As mentioned before, I really really hate giving bad reviews, but I feel I didn’t have much choice this month 😦  Nice idea linking the box with breast cancer awareness, but bad idea filling it with make up.  I’m hoping and praying the Pink Parcel team will take note that not every woman wears it.  There are plenty of make up subscriptions out there, so there’s absolutely no need to ruin a perfectly good box by changing it to solely make up 😦   Please include more lifestyle/bath and body items and less make up.  After all, every woman has periods, but not every woman wears make up.  This is meant to be a pick me up box for when women are feeling low.  The contents of this month’s box didn’t cheer me up at all 😦 😦
Roll on November.

Moi-Même – The Sleep Box

We’re in middle of my favourite season now, and what better way to celebrate Autumn than with the latest edition of Moi-Même!  I can’t believe it’s already been 3 month’s since my last unboxing – 2017 needs to slow down a bit lol

As you know, Moi-Même isn’t the cheapest subscription box on the block, but it’s certainly one of the best due to the very high quality goodies within.  And this seasons has to be one of the best editions yet!  (And perfect for an insomniac like me lol)   This is what I received in my beautiful Autumn box 🙂

I know I say this every season, but wow!  These goodies are amazing!  I love the sweater, and I’ve been wanting to give Spacemasks a go for aaaaggges!  Great selection Moi-Même team!  Receiving this box really made my day 😀

I’ll start with my absolute fave goodie!  The gorgeous sweatshirt!  How pretty is this?  I love the colour, and the size I received is absolutely perfect for me!  This was designed by Moi-Même, and I’m so happy I received the navy variant!  (The other version was grey and pink)  It’s so me, and I love the pretty metallic stars!  More pretty clothing like this in future boxes will be gratefully received lol!
(RRP £30)


Next up is a soy aromatherapy candle from Made By Coopers Apothecary.  There were 6 different scents available, and I received ‘Happy’.  I could smell this even before I’d opened the box!  The lime, basil and clementine scent is really strong, so lighting this should fill a whole room (or more) with fragrance.  I must admit though, for the very first time I didn’t receive the candle I would have chosen.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely, but I would have personally preferred the lavender, bergamot and ylang ylang fragrance of the ‘Calm’ candle.  I’m not going to faff sending this back though.  Can never have too many candles in our house lol
(RRP £20)


Also in the box was a ‘Sweet Dreams’ rollerball from Tisserand, and a single use eye mask from Spacemasks.  I’ve received a couple of Tisserand products in boxes before, and I was really happy to see this.  It smells lovely, and will perfectly compliment the ‘Sweet Dreams’ pillow spray I already own 🙂   I was also really happy to see Spacemasks included in the box, as I’ve wanted to try one for ages!  I’ve heard great things about these, and I’m intrigued to see if they’ll help me sleep any better (snoring Husband problems lol).  They are jasmine scented, and heat up on contact with the air.  Can’t wait to give these a go 😀
(RRP £6 for rollerball,  RRP £15 for pack of 5 Spacemasks)


Next is a ‘Night Thoughts Journal’ from The School Of Life.  This is a bullet journal, and perfect for jotting down those random thoughts and ideas that come to you in the middle of the night.  I’ve been tempted to get a bullet journal for a while now, and this little beauty is perfect!  Great colour too!  I’ve popped this down by the side of my bed, just in case I have any bright ideas in the middle of the night lol
(RRP £15)


The final item in the box I won’t be keeping, or opening.  It’s a highlighter palette from Bellapierre, and typically, it’s the most expensive item in the box!  I don’t wear make up, so this will be getting rehomed at some point.  Most likely to the Bestie 🙂
(Is there any way subscribers can opt out of receiving make up?  This would have been the perfect box for me if the make up hadn’t been included 😦 )
(RRP £40)


Verdict:     Very nearly the perfect box!  I wish there was a way I could swap the make up for another of the other items, but you can’t win them all 🙂  I’m very happy with the rest of the box, and despite the high price point, I would thoroughly recommend Moi-Même to all my female buddies.  Yes, they cost £49.95 a quarter, but this of it this way.  Each box is roughly the cost of 3 monthly boxes, and as there’s only 4 a year, you’re receiving a treat tailored to you each season!  Very high quality treats too 🙂  What’s not to love?  Plus, you’ll receive a lifetime discount in the Moi-Même shop just for subscribing 🙂

Moi-Même has to be the best luxury box on the market.  I love it! 😀

Autumnal Cosiness From TreatBox UK

Welcome to October lovelies!  My latest TreatBox arrived a week or so ago, but due to a little family holiday, I’ve not been able to review it until now.

This month’s cosy, colourful edition perfectly compliments the arrival of crisp mornings and crunchy leaves, and just like last month, the simple sight of the sticker made me excited for the goodies within!  This is what I received in my October box 🙂

Wow!  Just wow!  How amazing are this month’s treats?  I love the gorgeous Autumnal colours, and the tealights smell divine!  Beautiful selection this month guys!  This has to be one of my faves so far 🙂

I’ll start with my favourite goodie – the pretty embroidery hoop!  This is from Little Joy, and I absolutely love it!  It’s so simple and classy, and the subtle colour means it will suit pretty much any décor.  This will definitely be added to our ever growing wall art collection 🙂
(RRP £6.49)


Next is a pack of 12 wild berry tealights from The Candle Company.  I could smell these before I even opened the box, and they smell amazing!  Perfect for Autumn, and a great size pack too 🙂  Will definitely be burning these beauties soon!
(RRP £7.99)
Keeping these company was a little box of led fairy lights.  This the 3rd pack of lights I’ve received from TreatBox, and I absolutely love them!  They’re so pretty, and the thin wire means you can pop them in to glass jars to make gorgeous homemade lamps!  Can’t wait to get creative with these 😀
(RRP £5)


Also in the box was a beautiful pair of TreatBox greetings cards.  How pretty are these?  I love the colours, and the ‘Hedge-hugs’ card is so cute!  Will 100% be making use of these in the not too distant future! 🙂
(RRP unknown)


The final items in the box were a sheet of animal stickers, a scrummy caramel crunch chocolate bar, the monthly print, and the monthly planner card.  The stickers are so cute!  Will definitely come in useful for my happy mail parcels, and the chocolate can keep me going whilst packing stuff lol.  Loving the print and planner card too!  Such pretty Autumnal colours 🙂  Think the print might have to join my overflowing office wall lol.
(RRP unknown for stickers, print and planner card,  RRP £1.82 for chocolate bar)


Verdict:    A beautiful selection of treats from the always wonderful TreatBox team!  I love everything, and I absolutely adore the gorgeous Autumnal colour palette!  This has to be one of my favourite editions so far, and such good value for just £12 a month.  This is one subscription that never ever fails to make me smile.  It’s simply perfection in a letterbox friendly box.  Thank you Zoe & co!  I can’t wait for the Christmas editions and my Advent calendar!  So excited 😀 xx